Canvas Dev & Friends

Resources for API development, App development, and open source development

  • API Docs
    Canvas has API docs. If you’re new to them or to working with APIs in general you’ll probably want to start with the getting started page or review the API use cases.
  • Developer Keys
    Before you can use the Canvas API in a production environment you’re going to need a developer key. For more information about how to obtain and use developer keys, see our API guides. When requesting a developer key, be aware of some of the questions Institution admins may ask.
  • LTI Docs
    There are official LTI docs, but if you’re struggling to sort through them, we have a shorter LTI introduction you can check out to get started.
  • Submit an App
    Once you’ve built an LTI app and you’re ready to share it with the world on, you can create an account and submit your app to our LTI repository. Then just notify us about your app so we can review and approve it.
  • Mobile App API
    Our mobile apps on Android and iOS have an API that allows other apps on a device to communicate with them. If you have an app that would benefit from interacting with our Canvas Mobile apps, check out our App API documentation.